R O V I N N S   Gaia

T h e    i c o n i c   b o d y

Rovinns Gaia, raises a storm of enthusiasm with fussily worked both exterior and interior design as well as many standard equipment highlights. You can notice modern furniture design in monoblock construction, energy-saving interior lightning LED technology, french bed, and rear door which opens to nature. We also provide an elegant body made of high-strength fiberglass and an eternal silhouette that lives up to Rovinns 395’s name.

   Dynamic Tail Lights

   Rear Door (loading door)

   Soft Close Cabinet Door

   Knott Chassis

   Service Box

   Interior LED Lights



Max Nr. of Berths  3-4

Total Length Incl. drawbar  5700 mm 

Mass in Running Order  950 kg

Body Length  4200 mm 

Total Width  2200 mm

Total Height  2600 mm

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