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Enjoy being in the nature


If you want to break away from the stresses of modern living, come welcome the joys of freedom.Rovinns offers a mobile, minimalist way of living for you to explore nature with style and comfort.

Now, embrace the limitless life force of green and blue, because with Rovinns the world’s yours.



To be a brand in the whole world.


In conclusion to our hard work, we aim to take respect from people who have dedicated themselves to nature. With quality and design, we want to expand our familiarity with the whole world.

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Unique and innovative



  • Innovative

  • Safe

  • Comfortable

  • Reliable

  • Durable




We enjoy working with,


Businness Partners


We are enriching our caravans with high quality and long-lasting products produced by our business partners, whom we have chosen with great care.

Monocoque body

Rovinns GAIA caravan is produced as a monocoque. The monoblock caravan body has a long service life. It is also easy to repair in case of any damage.

Another advantage of the monoblock body is its high impermeability. While classical production caravans leak water from the joints when exposed to heavy snow and rain, Rovinns 395 caravan does not leak with its monoblock body.

As the monoblock caravan body offers high insulation in all climatic conditions, it ensures minimum heat loss in cold weather and a cool environment in hot weather.

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Wide and spacious usage area

As a result of the R&D studies of the Rovinns design team, a spacious living space has been created in proportion to the dimensions of the trailer. Rovinns Gaia caravan offers a wide usage area where 3-4 people can comfortably accommodate and meet all their needs.

Enjoy The View

Rovins Gaia gives you the chance to enjoy the view with its rear door feature that makes a difference in its class. While spending time in the Rovinns Gaia, you can spend time without leaving the landscape and nature.

Easy and Effortless Loading

Through to the special rear door of Rovinns Gaia, you can easily load your Motorcycle, Bicycle, Surf or Ski equipment and benefit from the large space inside, and have more fun times.

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