Dedicated to Excellence

Rovinns Caravan is committed to the promotion of sustainable development, the creation and promotion of top-quality caravans.  Our primary aim is to manufacture secure, efficient, and trustworthy products to cater to the needs of individuals seeking leisure activities.

From the acquisition of materials to the product’s sale, we strive to minimize error sources, promptly identify and rectify any mistakes, and continually enhance all of our company’s processes. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility employs European production standard methods inspired by the automotive industry and holds ISO certifications for quality (ISO 9001).

Rovinns Caravan’s embodies a comprehensive set of concepts, principles, policies, and techniques for the management of a manufacturing enterprise. It represents a process-centric approach incorporating various philosophies and methodologies, drawing inspiration from the automotive industry. 

Warranty Registration

When you acquire your Rovinns Caravan vehicle, we kindly request you to ensure that your personal and contact information, as well as details of your new vehicle, are registered in our warranty system, which your Rovinns Caravan dealer will assist with at the point of purchase. This registration is crucial for us to identify the vehicle’s owner and maintain communication as needed. In case of address or contact information changes or if you decide to sell your vehicle, please notify your Rovinns Caravan dealer to update your details in the warranty system.

General Warranty Terms (Summary)

Rovinns Caravan Ltd., headquartered in Bursa, Turkey, offers a 24-month warranty for all equipment from the registration date to all Rovinns Caravan product buyers. Additionally, there is a special 84-month “WARRANTY PLUS* (WATER INGRESS WARRANTY)” covering specific factory defects: *Water ingress leading to significant damage within the living area of the Rovinns caravan. This warranty is contingent upon the habitation unit receiving annual servicing from an authorized Rovinns Caravan dealership within one month of the initial purchase date. 

The manufacturer is responsible for replacing all parts with factory defects at no cost. The warranty covers malfunctioning parts and components, including installation, except for parts and elements that wear out due to regular usage, such as glass, windows, tires, batteries, and specific equipment like the fridge, heating, and water heater, which are subject to individual manufacturers’ warranties.

The warranty excludes parts and components that deteriorate due to negligence, improper handling, inadequate maintenance, overloading, or inattentiveness. It also does not cover paint scratches that may occur during vehicle washing and cleaning or paint damage resulting from abrasive or corrosive materials.

Repairs covered by the warranty are free of charge when performed in accordance with the warranty policy’s guidelines by an Authorized Rovinns Caravan representative. The customer is responsible for transportation costs for the vehicle and/or parts. While repairs are being conducted, the customer is not entitled to compensation for the inability to use the vehicle. Replaced parts and components remain the property of the manufacturer.

Purchasers are required to report any identified defects promptly and exclusively to an authorized Rovinns Caravan representative. The manufacturer retains the right to accept or reject defect reports.

The warranty period is not extended due to any interventions made to the vehicle during the warranty period.

The manufacturer bears no responsibility for potential accidents or damage to people and property that may occur during vehicle usage, even if such events may be related to a defect.

Any disputes regarding compensation claims between parties are subject to resolution within the jurisdiction of a court of law.

For inquiries related to repairs or spare parts, please consult your authorized representative. During your travels, you can seek assistance from one of Rovinns Caravan’s authorized dealers, whose list is available on our website.

Rovinns Caravan is not responsible for modifications or alterations made to the caravan by a third party, which would result in the voiding of the warranty.

For further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Rovinns Caravan Dealer.